HI, I’M Samina Valika Karimi!

I have been a lecturer for English and Economics at a community university in Karachi, Pakistan, for the last decade of my life. I’m also actively involved in various upliftment projects that range from providing financial support to career and business mentoring, as well as personal development. I am passionate about learning, reading, travelling and growing. I believe such engagements keep me physically and mentally whole.

A Personal Narrative

My journey as a life coach was born out of personal necessity. Though I love teaching, I had always felt something indefinable, missing from my life. The lack of understanding made me restless and spurred me to find out exactly where, on the way, life had lost its ’WONDER’ for me and how was I to regain it. Futile trips to therapists made me realize that my focus should be on the way forward rather than the journey I had already covered.

What Made me Choose This Path?

Coaching with its forward focus therefore appealed to me. And the transformation it brought within me was monumental. I felt self-aware, more confident and definitely more positive. But the greatest take away from my training was CLARITY: about my goals, my vision and the roadmap to fulfillment. I realized the ’wonder’ that I had lost wasn’t something to be found. It was to be CREATED.

I know ’not knowing’ is a terrible place to be in. I also know, from firsthand experience, how a dedicated life coach with whom you can safely share everything, can ease the transition and make the seismic personality shift an enjoyable experience.

My Mission

My mission is to empower people to be the architect of their own destiny. I feel it a privilege to help anyone brave enough to embark on that journey


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