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I came to coaching to make my life happier and to improve my personality. That is exactly what happened since I started coaching with Samina. She has helped me reflect on all aspects of life, which has resulted in me gaining in self-confidence. Samina has the ability to ask the right questions which cut through my inner dialogue and never-ending cycle of self-analysis and self-doubt. She was able to help me focus on my goals and the steps I need to take to reach those goals.

Samina has taught me to trust my inner compass. That the answers are within me if I just sit & listen. She will always tell me the truth & what is needed to be heard. Her perspective on things is a blessing. Most importantly I am comfortable with who I am and where I am now in my life, this was only possible because of coach Samina.

If I were to describe Samina’s coaching style, I would say natural, highly intuitive, thought provoking, pragmatic, no nonsense, doesn’t mince her words.

She is adept at recognising and challenging perceptions you hold within you and freeing you from the shackles of limiting beliefs. She has a way of repackaging your muddled up thoughts, removing excess emotions and bringing out a clarity of purpose that is often hard to pinpoint on your own. Each time I finished a session with her, the world seemed a better and more positive place. Empowering is the word I would use to sum up my experience with Samina.

Meera Achan

HR Advisor - Global division,
RSK Environment LLC

Ritu Dhiman

General Manager HR
SKF India Ltd

Samina asks the right powerful questions which lead towards actions and decisions. She has facilitated me to focus , be on track and prioritize. I have been able to well structure my areas of development in different ways and meaningful solutions. I am much sorted and can clear clutter in my head due to the coaching i have received from Samina.

I met Samina in one of the training programs in Dubai, where she was part of faculty. It’s always great to meet people with an ambition to make contribution in other people’s lives. As part of the program, Samina was assigned as Coach to me, and to be honest that was the best thing that I could ask from this program. She stepped in as a partner and helped me reflect on some of  the key aspects of my own being – some of it was completely new discovery to me. We explored the possibilities ahead and the best possible way to win in these uncharted territories. I never knew I had it in me. Samina helped me reflect on it and it wouldn’t have been possible without her asking some of the key aspects with powerful questions. I’d like to thank her in helping me to bring out the best. If there is anyone out there looking for Coach, I’d strongly recommend her for it.

Saqib tiwana

Director HR - Commercial at Jazz (previously known as Mobilink)

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